I really recommend this program because it's easy and simple to use!!

Noah Stevens (6th Grade student)
Lecanto, Florida

I love MathOnline it has really made a difference in my school life and it's enjoyable and I look forward to doing a lesson every day!!

Ciara Colon (5th Grade student)
Wesley Chapel, FL

We have tremendous respect for Patrick Murray for putting in the time and effort necessary to develop this program. At our center, we are in a unique situation as we have to be able to assess children's skills and then provide targeted instruction to fill any gaps or weak areas from prior years instruction while simultaneously addressing current instructional needs.

MathOnline's lesson delivery is phenomenal because it shows multiple ways to approach the same skill or strategy, and the material is comprehensive from kindergarten through high school. The certificates and awards play a huge role in the continued motivation of individual students, and the weekly reports make it easier for practitioners to follow through. Lessons are organized by strand and thus help us stay organized and logical in order to best help our kids. The program also allows us to track data for IEP students and students at risk, and helps us foster the level of accountability we are trying to achieve with each and every student.

MathOnline makes sense for kids and has been a phenomenal addition to our practice.

Many thanks!

Valerie White
Charleston, SC

I like MathOnline because it gives me instructions without making it boring. It is easy to understand and it doesn't skip any steps.

I also like the certificates I get for doing well on my lessons and the ones that let me know I am ready for the next grade level.

Joshua Cunningham (Basic Math and Pre-Algebra student)
Cadiz, Kentucky

I’m a 6th-grade student who used to struggle with math and then one day my parents decided for me to try MathOnline. The first day I tried it I LOVED IT!!!! MathOnline has not only helped me with math but it also stopped the arguing between me and my mom during homework (: If you are thinking about joining MathOnline DO IT!!! (:

Joshua Love (6th Grade student)
Jasper, TX

I think that MathOnline is an awesome math website. The teacher explains things perfectly.

Aiden Michael Talbot (5th Grade student)
Fort Huachuca, AZ

This is the best math program I have ever used and now I am a math lover but I used to be a person where you had to pull my teeth to get me to do it.

Mayikipi Hess (5th Grade student)
Rocky Mount, NC

MathOnline is helping me so much. Thank You for putting time into this program so I and many other people can learn!

Paige Lewis (5th Grade student)
Jacksonville, NC

Ever since I started, my math education has grown to be better than it was before I started. I would also recommend it to people who are having trouble with their math. Thank you.

Eva Kuliszewski (3rd Grade student)
Boca Raton, FL

I am really seeing how it is helping my daughter understand many of the methods. Most of the time she was lost and didn't understand. I love that she is able to move through grades for review and able to rewind lessons. Thanks

Miriam Arias
Angleton, TX

This program is amazing for my family. I have three children 2nd, 3rd & 4th grade. Two have special needs and both are able to be successful with this program.

Becky Givens
Sanford, NC

I love math now, I hated it at first, and it was my worst subject, now it's my best!"

Candace Sampson (4th Grade student)
San Antonio, TX

I simply cannot thank MathOnline enough for the help it has been to my son! He used to cry when it came time for him to do homework. Now, he enjoys it and understands it! Thank you so much!!

Samantha Keith
Barrigada, Guam

My daughter is loving the Kindergarten work on the computer!! She feels like Mommy, working on the computer!! AND is learning so much!! This program has lessons that are very thorough and very easy to follow!! LOVE IT!!!

Sandra Cherrie
Seguin, TX

This program is working for him so well! He has had so many "ah-ha" moments!! It truly has put a smile on both our faces!! Thank You so much!!!

Angela Ward
Cabot, AR